From small jobs worth less than $100,000 to our largest jobs worth over $160 million, construction is what it is all about.

In over 28 years we have successfully completed over 1350 projects with over 1000 of them being in the retail sector. The combined value is well over $3billion.

No two sites or projects are the same and nothing can be taken for granted. It is our role to manage the significant logistics, challenges and risks of construction.

In doing so, it is vital to have the right people, processes & technologies allocated and properly geared. The impact of getting it wrong affects everyone, from the client and end user down to the supplier and subcontractor.


We never short cut the start. Setting the job up correctly, getting the teams focussed and aligned and understanding the critical trades, elements and milestones is essential.


Appointing, managing and paying the army of contractors and suppliers that bring a project together is a major task. We maintain a team of professional administrators and utilise the skills and bargaining power of centralised purchasing to ensure we procure well and on time. This same team then manages the contracts, ensures information flow and timely payment. Good control back at the office allows the sites to focus on construction.


All of our safety, quality and environmental systems are independently-audited and certified across all our projects. Safety is not to be compromised, from our Directors and our HSEQ team, to our project and site managers and their support staff, everybody maintains a safety focus.

Site Works

A well-organised and clean site is safer and more productive. Every project we build has full time supervision by experienced staff. We are not in the habit of throwing our site supervisors in the deep end. Nor do we like to under resource the site.


Our site management team covers the full spectrum of age, experience and knowledge. The majority have been with Mainbrace for over a decade. All are passionate and professional about building well.

Continual Improvement

We never rest on our laurels. Every year we work hard to improve what we do. We involve the whole team, who help decide on the focus areas, after which we all work together to develop better ways and better outcomes.